Research: Focus & Philosophy (continued)
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Focus & Philosophy (continued)
Polymorphism analysis:
By extensive human coding region sequence analysis and evolutionary comparisons to outgroup primate species, an appropriate weighting factor can be derived for nonsynonymous polymorphisms. The goal is to use this weighting method to help determine the likelihood that a specific mutation isolated by any of a variety of methods as putatively disease causing is indeed causal within a given population. In addition, the interface between complex disease mapping and evolutionary genomics can provide information which informs mapping experiments while mapping experiments provide data for further evolutionary analysis. This is a major part of the work taking place in the lab to date.

A major effort during my postdoctoral research was to obtain the resources necessary to put together a relational database of genomic sequences and associated information. This includes expression information, divergence information, polymorphism information, and disease linkage information. We envision several types of publications coming directly from the techniques and programs built to handle and query the data, but more importantly, observations made using this tool will lead to hypothesis testing experiments performed at the bench. We in the lab actively seek collaborations with people who work in a variety of systems, including in model organisms such as mice, yeast, and Drosophila, where experimental manipulation of genes and gene pathways will allow for the testing of the effects of predictions made in silico.


--Dr. Wyckoff

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