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Data Sets
We have datasets of several thousand curated orthologs, with evolutionary information, for a variety of species. Please contact us if you would like access to this type of data. In addition, we have scripts and simulations which are available to the public for non-commercial use. Again, please contact us if you're interested. In addition, we have the following datasets on the web:

The complete Zinc Finger Phylogenetic Analysis dataset from the Wyckoff and Laity labs.

The complete PITP protein Evolutionary Analysis dataset from the Wyckoff and Yoder labs.

The Virtmorph Web-based MS Analysis Tool developed with Dr. Andrew Keightley at UMKC.

The version 2.3 Crosslinking Analysis Engine in conjunction with the Carlson lab at KU Medical Center. Improvements to this tool and development/testing of this utility is funded by a grant from the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute.

You can download the aligned, paired human mouse alignments sorted by their SPEED ID in fasta format. Please cite Wyckoff et. al, Trends in Genetics, 2005 and note that this is the most up-to-date dataset available. The file is a gzipped, compressed text file.


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