University of Missouri Kansas City - School of Biological Sciences - 2007 (patent pending)


Virtual Polymorphism Database Generator for finding new matches in your peptide MS/MS data.

Use this tool to impose statistically and biologically likely amino acid substitutions ("virtual polymorphism") on your amino acid sequence entry and make a database to re-interrogate your MS or MS/MS data.

STEP ONE Enter Protein Accession: Enter reference protein sequence:
STEP TWO Enter reference sequence name:
STEP THREE Select peptide cleaving enzyme.
STEP FOUR Exclusion List
Enter one dash between each amino acid position not to be altered.
STEP FIVE Select matrix for a single substitution.Click here for help choosing a matrix Enter cutoff.
Select matrix for a second substitution. Enter cutoff.
Select matrix for a third substitution. Enter cutoff.
STEP SIX Select substitution output to be included in database. One substitution
Two substitutions
Three substitutions