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Justin Paschall

Justin Paschall's attempt to computationally model biological complexity began in the 7th grade when he implemented a version of the AI game of LIfe on an  Apple IIE is his basement, which basically made a cool screensaver.

In truth, he hasn't made much progress since, but current work can be viewed at the SPEED site here  in an effort to relate and statistically analyze functional and evolutionary data at the molecular and organismal level.  Also, he has worked for the past two years on a separate project to process/cluster/annotate a set of tissue specific EST data from the fish Fundulus Heteroclitus: for the Crawford Lab.

Recently graduated with an undergrad degree in computer science and minor in biology, Justin has been fortunate to work in the Wyckoff lab for several years.  He is currently continuing his studies as a graduate student at Washington University, St. Louis.

Avid fan of the Matrix, Star Trek and Dark City, Justin feels that far from being a pure academic pursuit, the study of biological complexity and evolution should be given top national priority as knowledge is power and we will need it in the impending battle between man and machine, much less the fight against microbes and cancer.


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